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Pokémon Woe | (SHORT FILM)

2016-07-15 14:31:03 by Ilssm

Hey guys, I made a short about the Pokeman's.



The Horror of Spring Break

2015-09-23 21:32:37 by Ilssm

The true horror of my Spring Break is here several months late.


James Lego

2015-06-19 02:30:43 by Ilssm

So I found an old home movie of mine that I originally made on tape back in 2005/2006 (When I was 10 or 11) on an old camera from 1995. It, along with a bunch of other tapes my family has, were converted to DVD a couple of years ago and they had been sitting idle until recently. This being the case, I got bored  and decided to edit it a bit and make it cleaner, add some sfx, etc. This was the result.

I hope you enjoy!



King of Los Santos.

2015-04-20 13:00:43 by Ilssm

So guys, I got another video for you. I worked really hard on this one, and I wanted to try and see how far I could push the new Rockstar editor - this is the result. I'm really happy with it.


I hope you guys enjoy!



'91 (Machinima)

2015-01-24 00:52:28 by Ilssm

Made this Gmod Machinima because I wanted to try and make one - it's my first time really trying something like it, so tell me what you think!


Made another short film

2014-11-28 20:33:30 by Ilssm

I made this for one of my college classes, and I was trying to do something a little different from what I'm used to.

Tell me what you think!



If anyone still reads these

2014-11-02 01:13:18 by Ilssm

Here's another picture for you.

Screw it.



2014-10-18 22:43:20 by Ilssm


I'm messing around with photo editing. Tell me what you think.

Also, check out my friend Ethans art:

Dear Zachary

2014-10-04 09:25:34 by Ilssm

Hey, if anyone wants to see a REALLY good film, check out this documentary about a true life crime story about the murder of a filmmakers best friend: Dear Zachary - A letter to a son about his father.

WARNING: This movie is the saddest and most powerful thing I've seen in a very long time. If you're sensitive about this kind of stuff, I recommend looking up the story beforehand because it will probably crush you emotionally going in totally blind.

Either way, it's a must see - very fantastic.

I hope you can enjoy.

So I guess I'm back.

2014-07-09 15:38:24 by Ilssm

I don't think I'll be posting as freqently as I used to when I was on here before. It may be a bit hard to believe for some people, but I think a lot has changed for me and my personalitiy over the past year to two years I've been gone. I'm not saying I'm anywhere near perfect, but I think I'm better.

I don't know if I'm going to animate anything anytime soon - I still like doing it, it's just hard work and frankly I don't have that may ideas soley geared towards animation anymore. I also signed up for college and such next fall, and I'm going to try and direct a majoritiy of my attention to that. I also recenlty joined a NewGrounds Writer Club, although with my current happenings I don't know if I'll even be that active in it.

All of my post history is still visible, and I won't ask for it to be deleted anymore. When I got my account unlocked a long time ago (After I had asked it to be locked in the first place, sometime in late 2012 I think) I guess it all just reappeared even though I got Wade or whoever to delete it beforehand. It's just too much trouble for something I really shouldn't be concerning too much of myself with. Some of the older stuff I used to be kind of embarrased saying/people seeing, although now I'm just glad it's in the past. I also have had a few people on here who I've tried to get in contact with, but they don't seem to want to associate with me anymore like they used to. To them and to anyone else I may have offened, I'm sorry for whatever it is I did. It was probably my fault anyway and I was acting like a fucking retard.

But whatever, the past is the past.

I'm going to try and not be as much of a total shitposter, but I have a weird sense of humor/desires, so I can't promise anything. I also really need to avoid controversial stuff - I get riled up too easily and need to learn to keep my mouth shut. All in all, I guess it's sort of nice to get this off my chest.

So best of luck to all of us.